So 多読(Tadoku) seems to have burned me out. I’ve just been relaxing these past two weeks. I’ve tried to stay partially immersed in Japanese but it’s kinda hard; this season of Anime hasn’t caught my interest except for a few shows. Maybe I should look into some new dramas. For the first time in a while I am watching more shows in English than in another language, and that’s no good for a language learner, a serious one anyway.

So starting tomorrow I am going back to some concrete studying. I will be studying Japanese and Korean. I think I might go through Remembering the Kanji (RTK) again. I could probably go through it pretty quickly but let’s start at about 20 kanji a day shall we? I’ll also have an analytical phase of my studying where I do my usual immersion but pay more attention and look up anything I don’t understand or find interesting and put those things into Anki.

I have a few sources for Korean besides dramas. I am currently watching Baby Faced Beauty by the way. It’s a good show with some really cute girls as most K-Dramas tend to have. I will also be listening to this podcast called “ケンチャナヨ韓国語ポッドキャスト”I like them because the lessons are in Japanese so I can “ladder” from Japanese to Korean so to speak. The host 八木早希 (Yagi Saki) has a lovely voice that I can listen to all day if I had the time. The lessons all have little notes to go with the audio. I also have my “Integrated Korean: Beginning 1 and 2,” you can find them on amazon. I used them when I took Korean 1 and 2 at UCLA. Textbooks usually aren’t that fun but I will use it when I feel like it, it will be good for vocab lists.

I’ve been studying the use of Mnemonics for a little while as well and will try to integrate that into my studies.