Language Immersion Day 2

October 25, 2012

So I ran into a few problems yesterday but still managed to get a good amount of listening in. My phone decided to flip out and continually respring (iPhone4). Even now I can still hear it doing it. So for my workout I had no Japanese music, I tried to use Pandora but there isn’t any Japanese music on there. Plenty of Korean music though so I just made a Korean music station off the group 2pm. Can you believe that artist Psy (Gangnam Style) has the number one song on iTunes? Even on South Park, Jimmy was “Gangnam-stein” and they played the song during their Halloween episode. For the rest of the day I just listened to podcasts and audio books on my old first gen iPhone.

So I didn’t do much, still frustrated with my phone, thinking of going the Android route before years end. I don’t mind the Apple products just the jail breaking process, which makes the phone more to my liking is annoying to continually set up and then lose every time there is a problem, stock iOS is so boring…

I just watched episode 4 of Zetsuen no Tempest, and now have KeyholeTV as background sound. They have a premium service coming out soon so I donated so I could get some of the benefits. Also another annoyance that occurred yesterday and continues today is the wind. There’s Bamboo outside and the loose and dead leaves blow all over the backyard and into the pool. During windy days the yard has to be cleaned multiple times and it can get turning and frustrating. Well I have to start thinking about work and the arrival of my friend/co-worker. Gonna be hard to keep the immersion up but a little Japanese is better than none. Like I said in my last post gotta cut down on my 30+ hours of American and British TV, it’s not doing anything to help me towards my goal of becoming a polyglot and I just ignore the annoyed faces of people that always ask “Did you see xxxx show or movie?” and my answer is no so they give you that look like you’re lame. I’ll just ask them did they watch NHK news today then give them the same look.


Back again.

October 24, 2012

Okay so I’m writing this on I my tablet. I just changed the language to Japanese and wondering why I didn’t earlier. Anyways its time to start immersing myself in the language again. I’m currently watching the JDrama “Trick.” I remember AJATT recommending it a long time ago. I enjoy the acting of Abe Hiroshi so theres that. Found the show being streamed on a Korean site so the subs are in Korean, as long as its not English its fine, trying to get backed into watching things Raw, been watching a lot of Subbed anime lately as well but a quick press of the S key takes care of that since I always get MKV files of Anime.

Not sure what made me want to get serious again, maybe its because I’m close to getting a full time job and don’t want to waste my free time on non-productive things. Been watching at least 20 hours of non Japanese stuff every week of this year. Or that everyone that asks where I went to school and what I studied and makes a weird face because being an Usher at a Performing Arts theater has almost nothing to do with Japanese, except that one time director Aaron Woolfolk filmed a movie in Japan and screened it there, had a chance to use some Japanese that night. I know I’m gonna have to be more of an asshole to keep my immersion environment. Interestingly enough getting a full-time job, or just a different job will help immensely and a certain someone knows why.

I think this time around I’ll just do what I want but in Japanese. Maybe actually beat FF7, got the whole transcript online if i need to look up words, i even found a strategy guide in Japanese. I also have to stop looking at other peoples methods and materials cause I tend to redo my setup even though what I had was perfectly fine and I was actually making good progress. Okay as Darkwing Duck says “Let’s get dangerous.”

So 多読(Tadoku) seems to have burned me out. I’ve just been relaxing these past two weeks. I’ve tried to stay partially immersed in Japanese but it’s kinda hard; this season of Anime hasn’t caught my interest except for a few shows. Maybe I should look into some new dramas. For the first time in a while I am watching more shows in English than in another language, and that’s no good for a language learner, a serious one anyway.

So starting tomorrow I am going back to some concrete studying. I will be studying Japanese and Korean. I think I might go through Remembering the Kanji (RTK) again. I could probably go through it pretty quickly but let’s start at about 20 kanji a day shall we? I’ll also have an analytical phase of my studying where I do my usual immersion but pay more attention and look up anything I don’t understand or find interesting and put those things into Anki.

I have a few sources for Korean besides dramas. I am currently watching Baby Faced Beauty by the way. It’s a good show with some really cute girls as most K-Dramas tend to have. I will also be listening to this podcast called “ケンチャナヨ韓国語ポッドキャスト”I like them because the lessons are in Japanese so I can “ladder” from Japanese to Korean so to speak. The host 八木早希 (Yagi Saki) has a lovely voice that I can listen to all day if I had the time. The lessons all have little notes to go with the audio. I also have my “Integrated Korean: Beginning 1 and 2,” you can find them on amazon. I used them when I took Korean 1 and 2 at UCLA. Textbooks usually aren’t that fun but I will use it when I feel like it, it will be good for vocab lists.

I’ve been studying the use of Mnemonics for a little while as well and will try to integrate that into my studies.



So it’s just a few days past the halfway point in the July Tadoku Reading Contest put on by lordsilent. I’ve already passed by previous score of 1307 and am on my way to beating my Round 1 score of 3027 (I currently have 2035 read pages). You can see what I’ve been reading mostly by looking at my score breakdown or at my profile on bookmeter. I’ve read 24 volumes of the 結界師(Kekkaishi) manga and 10 of Deadman Wonderland, the 11th Volume doesn’t come out until October (T . T). I’ve read a few pages from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and from Tokyo Tower by Ekuni Kaori, of which I also have the audiobook for the latter.

This contest I am following the unofficial Tadoku rules I’ve read on a few pages, which is don’t look anything up, skip over words you don’t know and if something bores you move on to something else. While there are words that I don’t understand here and there I understand over 75% of what I am reading so it’s not too much of a headache.

Oh and I’ve also been watching Ghost in the Shell, I still have trouble with the Japanese name for this show which is 「攻殻機動隊」こう・かく・き・どう・たい so let’s break down the Kanji:

攻- aggression

殻- husk

機- mechanism


隊- regiment

The only compound in this string of Kanji is 機動隊 – which means “riot police, and riot squad.” And the first two Kanji I suppose you just have to make sense out of it yourself, of course the first kanji 攻 has to do with attacks or some kind of offensive while 殻 – has to do with armor and protection of some sort, an outer layer. So I suppose robots are armored things that attack you. You will find similar string of Kanji in Japanese news paper where they don’t equal  compounds but you get the meaning by understanding the Kanji, and it isn’t always clear if you use On-yomi or Kun-yomi, I don’t always read Japanese news articles =P

Anyways on to the second section of this post which is about a workout called the “Spartacus Workout” which is supposedly the workout that got the cast of Spartacus: Blood and Sand all cut for the show. Of course this isn’t true but they did have the cast endorse the workout and had videos of them doing it, but they did many more things to get ready for their roles. Anyways the Men’s Health article is here. I didn’t realize how popular this workout was until I did a bit of searching. Some nice people even had a printout and an MP3 to help you through the workout at The Spartacus Workout Club site. Okay So I did this workout this morning, with a recently recovered ankle, I was pretty anxious to start working out again. This workout was a real wake-up call for my muscles, I overdid it in the first circuit, paced myself through the second and in the last circuit I pushed myself to the limit. Not everyone has a jacuzzi or pool to jump into after a workout so I am very fortunate. =]

Anyways I will do this workout every Mon, Wed, and Fri and do some cardio in between on Tues, Thurs, and Sat and finally sleep all day Sunday cause I’ll be so tired. =P

I wish much luck to all my fellow Tadokuers and workout enthusiasts!

Unlike @BlackDragonHunt , @lordsilent hasn’t been bothering me about what materials I shall use for this upcoming 多読 but I suppose I will write some things here anyway. Just looked at how many pages I read last time, about 1307. I almost forgot it was such a low number, that won’t happen this time around. During that last round I was studying Korean and Spanish and Japanese at the same time, even playing games in Italian and even watched a couple of anime eps that had Italian subs. During this 多読 round I will focus on only Japanese materials, let me put a list together:


エンドオブイタニティ(PS3) called Resonance of Fate in English
龍が如くオブジエンド(PS3) “Like a Dragon” / Yakuza Of The End.
ファイナルファンタジーVII(PSX) Currently on Disc 2, also have the script of the game in Japanese.

「ハリー・ポッタとアズカバンの囚人」 作家:J.K.ローリング
「新五はこうして作られる」作家:窪薗晴夫 — always wanted to translate this book, will do some this time.
「東京タワーオカンとボクと、時々、オトン」 作家:リリー・フランキー — kinda wanted to translate this someday too, I’ll just read it first.
「世界の終りとハードボイルド・ワンダーランド」 作家:村上春樹 — Will parallel read in English and Japanese.

漫画 ー

13 Assassins

That’s not all the material I have and I probably won’t finish everything but I like to have a variety, keeps things interesting. My goal this time would be to beat my Round 1 score of 3027.97, at least 100 pages a day. I don’t want to put a goal but let’s say 5000 pages *gasp*, that’s a lot of Manga I have to read, I think I’ll start right at midnight when the contest begins.

After reading some posts on and reading how Peter was transcribing Fight Club (here) dubbed in Japanese I decided to transcribe some more Matrix. I know I already transcribed the part where Morpheus explains the Matrix to Neo, but this time I went back to chapter 6 of the movie. In this chapter Neo is caught by the Agents for the first time and is asked by Agent Smith to help them bring Morpheus to justice.

So below is the transcript, with audio for each part and I will explain about some words and phrases that I thought interesting. I will not put anything into furigana or romaji.

–Lit. translation: As you can see, we had our eyes on you since some time ago, Mr. Anderson.
—-Note: Agent Smith refers to Thomas Anderson with the “kun” suffix. It is endearing and at the same time shows Smith thinks he is superior to him.

–Lit Translation: It appears that you have two faces (that you live two lives). The first is Thomas A. Anderson, a programmer for a top-tier software maker. You have a social security number and pay your taxes. Furthermore you take the garbage out for your landlady.
—-Note: Pretty standard stuff here but I wasn’t familiar with the words, “Social Security” and “Taxes.” But they are pretty important I think so those go into the SRS. Also don’t you like the Kanji for “gomi?” ゴミ/塵

–Lit Translation: The other is a face of the underworld. A hacker using the alias “Neo” that has had his hand in every possible computer crime.

–Lit. Translation: The former has a future, the latter does not.  I would like to talk with you as forthcoming as possible, Mr. Anderson. I have brought you here because I need your cooperation.
—-Notes: 前者and後者, are interesting words, I think they are very useful so those will go into my SRS. 率直 is also interesting. I already knew of 素直 which has more or less the same meaning. But sunao can also have the meaning of being “meek,” or “docile,” so socchoku fits better in this situation.

–Lit. Translation: We know that you have been contacted by a certain individual. A man who calls himself “Morpheus.” Whatever you think you know about this man is a mistake on your part. He is considered by many authorities to be the most dangerous man today.
—-Notes: The Japanese in this section is a translation of the English script almost word for word. The word 接触–sesshoku–interested me a bit. It means “touch, or contact.” Both Kanji in this word mean the same individually. It made me think of how this word is used in English and it really does have a pretty deep meaning. A phrase like “We’ll keep in touch / contact.” is used everyday but it has nothing to do with it’s original meaning. Sorry this is one of my “fascinated with languages” moments, I’ll call them FWLM. Don’t you like when your L2 or L3 makes you think about how the history of words in your L1?

Let’s talk about 誤り –ayamari– now. This words is hard to translate, I don’t really see how this fits into this sentence at all given the definition of it is: “error, mistake, slip, bug.” The English script says “ Whatever you think you know about this man is irrelevant.” And there really isn’t a word for “irrelevant” in  Japanese so I guess a word meaning, “error, or mistake” had to be used instead, correct me if I am wrong.


–Lit. Translation: My colleagues tell me that it is useless to try and persuade you. But I believe in your conscience. Let’s liquidate this dirty past of yours. You can still start fresh. In return, we would like your cooperation to help up bring this terrorist to justice.

—-Note:Words of note would be 説得–settoku–,良心–ryoushin–, 清算–seisan–,  寶網–houmou–、and 裁き–sabaki–. The most interesting of them is houmou I think. I like this word cause it’s literal, the Kanji mean “Law, and net” the meaning is “justice.” Sabaki means “judgement.” So the phrase 寶網裁きを下す means “To have judgement passed by the net of the law.” Or as the English says “bring to justice.”

–Lit Translation: Yeah, that sounds like a really good deal. But rather than cooperating how about this…i’ll spell it out plainly for you. (He gives the finger)

—-Note: I’m assuming the middle finger doesn’t mean anything in the Japanese culture, but they know what it means. But the phrase きとすっきりするぜ –kitto sukkiri suru ze– isn’t something you hear often, loosely translated it means “(Let me do this and) My answer should be clear to you.”

—Translation: *grumble*

–Lit Translation: how about giving me my phone call.

–Lit. Translation: Mr. Anderson, I’m disappointed.
—-Note: がっかり–gakkari– is a 擬態語–gitaigo– a mimetic word for something that has no sound. You use gakkari when something doesn’t go the way you planned. Did you have any gakkari moments today?

–Lit Translation: Stop threatening me with the Gestapo act. I have rights. Let me have a phone call.

–Lit. Translation: But Mr. Anderson, what good is a phone call if you have become unable to speak.

—-Note: You should use the Kanji for shaberu as much as possible, cause Kanji is cool.

–Lit. Translation: You will cooperate with us. Resistance is futile.

—-Note: Yeah I know “Resistance is futile” is from Star Trek or something but that’s what it says, or at least that is one interpretation.

Chapter 6 Run time – About 3 minutes.

This actually took a long time to do, more than 2 hours if I went through it straight, but I just did bit by bit throughout the day. Probably won’t do the whole thing next time just noteworthy sentences.

June 13th 2011: Didn’t realize this post was set to private this whole time =P

As the title suggests I watched All-Star Superman. But why is there a picture of the drama Bartender? Cause I am watching that as I type this on my phone, which I will probably never do again because the Word Press iPhone app is so slow it makes a tortoise laugh manically. As for Superman, I watched it because I have watched all the animated movies DC and Warner Bros have  released so I thought I might as well not break the habit. Doesn’t seeing superheroes make you want to do something “super” yourself? Of course it does. After recovering from a medical setback as I’ll call it, I am back into the studying circuit and pushing myself even harder than before.

I feel I have neglected 한굴(韓国語、Korean)for far too long and it’s time to start back up with it. I took 2 semesters of it in college, I should of stuck with it but my studying habits and techniques didn’t give me enough confidence to take both Korean and Japanese at the same time. Now that I am out of school I think I am studying even more, I am glad I have the privileged of having so much time to do so (and no I am not rich, but I’m working on it.) I’m using Rosetta Stone at the moment to learn Korean, I’ll write a review about it after I do all the levels, I am sure it’ll at least help me grasp the basics (once again.) So after I do the Rosetta Stone I do some listening in Korean, which is right now two dramas that I watch, High Kick and Coffee Prince. I’ve seen Coffee Prince before but have yet to see a better Korean drama so I am watching it again. High Kick is alright, it’s a comedy about a family of nut jobs, really they’re all crazy. But it’s pretty funny and it’s good listening so it’ll do. I do have a couple of books from when I went to school, I may use them for sentences (gotta practice typing in Korean!) and put them into Anki. After that’s done I do my usual Japanese studies throughout the day. I hope I can keep this up.

I have also decided to up my English vocabulary a bit so I am playing….My Word Coach for Nintendo DS…haha. I will start to write posts more regularly and you can decide if my “Expression Potential” has gone up at all. I also play brain age every now and then, good for stimulating the Brain I have heard and so far I think it works. But what there’s more! I’ve been reading up on memory techniques and am trying to find a way to employ them in my studies, this week I have tried to apply Mnemonics for any new Japanese words I am learning and they seem to stick immediately (if the association is strong enough) instead of after seeing it in Anki a dozen or so times. I do all these things everyday and I enjoy doing all of it. Of course i don’t have much time for socializing and gaming and all that, but for now that’s okay.

So are any of you readers doing anything to make a more “super” you this year? Okay episode 1 of Bartender is done now watching Coffee Prince ep 2. Bartender seems interesting enough, I’ve seen a drama with every other 嵐 member in it (shhh秘密です) so why not.

Sorry for my random writing style, I usually write things on a whim, and I don’t do drafts, I got through school alright that way (actually I just found teachers that liked my writing style and kept taking them.) So feel free to leave a comment, I’d like to know how everyone else studies, or let me know if you want me to go into more detail about my study methods, it’ll make me think.