Work Sucks (I know).

November 3, 2012

So I am just sitting here after intermission of the show “Fraternity,” written by Jeff Stetson and Directed by Henry Miller. It’s at the Nate Holden Performing Arts Center which is run by the Ebony Repertory Theater. So now you all know where I work. The play is great, something that everyone should see once in there lives, but alas this is the last day so if you didn’t see it yet I don’t know where or when this will pop up again and if it does I am sure the cast will change. I think more dollars go into paying for monotony rather than innovation. The majority of work on this earth, done by us “99%” as it were is just boring shit. I come into work, block off the parking lot, clean the theater, seat the patrons, watch the play, then clean up again afterwards.

Now if I had to do this everyday I am not sure I would be a crazier individual than you all know, but I would certainly have more money. I gave up lying on applications that ask how much money you work, even government jobs, I laid it out to them. Now I won’t tell you how much I make, but you can probably figure it out if I tell you I couldn’t afford an apartment of any price, not even a 500 bucks a month one if it existed, while I may make 500 bucks one month who knows what the next month would bring, or wouldn’t bring. Performing Arts Theaters are a dying cultural object in today’s society, well should I say any non-white theater, and that is indeed unfortunate. A lot of theaters run on the help of volunteers, at least ones I am willing to drive to. The only way you can work full-time is if you hop on with one theater one month and to another the next month, unless a show does so well (goes past the break even point) that they keep it around for more time. Oh yeah and you cannot be an Usher because that it not a full-time job, 4 to 5 hours on average, if you work backstage or as a stage hand you’ll get more hours setting up and tearing down the set and taking all the props back, etc. Same goes for electricians, lighting, and sound workers.

I live in a time where many people don’t even look at their University Degrees with pride anymore, you just see that big negative amount of dollars hanging over your head, and while I don’t own as much as the average I still don’t see how I will begin to make a dent in my debt because a full-time job just doesn’t seem attainable, hell even a part time job, and if they are they wouldn’t be in my field. I majored in Japanese because I love the language, and since that love has not faded since I took Japanese 1 when I was 16 then I think I made the right choice. But a major in the language field isn’t a good choice on it’s own, most people were smart and just had a minor in a language and took business, econ, sociology or something along those lines as their majors. Taking a foreign language in a school environment will not help you attain fluency unless you fully dedicate yourself to those golden “10,000” hours they always talk about, which is a bit more than a year if you use all 24 hours of your day and dedicate yourself to that language, even 8 hours a day would be just over a few years. But no teacher will tell you that, most kids go through those classes and think after Japanese 4 of 5 you’ll be fluent, and that just isn’t true.

I really don’t know where I was going with that post, just letting out my random thoughts on a frustrating day. I wrote like this a lot in college, some teachers liked it, some didn’t. I’m still checking in with readthekanji and, and of course anime, I don’t know when I will step up my studies again, I just want to start slow.


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