Sometimes we need loss.

October 27, 2012

Don’t worry I’m only talking about the loss of information. So apparently iCloud is garbage and doesn’t save the information that’s inside apps. If i knew that I would have been doing manual backups. Lost my salary book info, which was just me keeping track of how many hours I worked and how much money I made. I think I was only keeping track because my work isn’t consistent. Well I wasn’t making much anyway, guess I had nothing better to do than watch myself make a penny every 8 secs (10 bucks an hour). Also lost my Awesome Note notes, but all I did on there were the occasional memo and write down my dreams or the ones I happened to remember. And lastly I logged my workouts on my phone. But I workout a lot, and I know what my max lifts are, it was just nice to look at the pretty graphs.

So I was angry for a bit at work last night but I found a few minutes to mediate and was able to let go. Time to move on and next time I’ll just backup stuff on a regular basis.

As for Japanese…I’m still checking into and readthekanji, and of course watching Anime. I’ll post some recommendations later, time to get into work mode again.


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