Language Immersion Day 2

October 25, 2012

So I ran into a few problems yesterday but still managed to get a good amount of listening in. My phone decided to flip out and continually respring (iPhone4). Even now I can still hear it doing it. So for my workout I had no Japanese music, I tried to use Pandora but there isn’t any Japanese music on there. Plenty of Korean music though so I just made a Korean music station off the group 2pm. Can you believe that artist Psy (Gangnam Style) has the number one song on iTunes? Even on South Park, Jimmy was “Gangnam-stein” and they played the song during their Halloween episode. For the rest of the day I just listened to podcasts and audio books on my old first gen iPhone.

So I didn’t do much, still frustrated with my phone, thinking of going the Android route before years end. I don’t mind the Apple products just the jail breaking process, which makes the phone more to my liking is annoying to continually set up and then lose every time there is a problem, stock iOS is so boring…

I just watched episode 4 of Zetsuen no Tempest, and now have KeyholeTV as background sound. They have a premium service coming out soon so I donated so I could get some of the benefits. Also another annoyance that occurred yesterday and continues today is the wind. There’s Bamboo outside and the loose and dead leaves blow all over the backyard and into the pool. During windy days the yard has to be cleaned multiple times and it can get turning and frustrating. Well I have to start thinking about work and the arrival of my friend/co-worker. Gonna be hard to keep the immersion up but a little Japanese is better than none. Like I said in my last post gotta cut down on my 30+ hours of American and British TV, it’s not doing anything to help me towards my goal of becoming a polyglot and I just ignore the annoyed faces of people that always ask “Did you see xxxx show or movie?” and my answer is no so they give you that look like you’re lame. I’ll just ask them did they watch NHK news today then give them the same look.


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