Back again.

October 24, 2012

Okay so I’m writing this on I my tablet. I just changed the language to Japanese and wondering why I didn’t earlier. Anyways its time to start immersing myself in the language again. I’m currently watching the JDrama “Trick.” I remember AJATT recommending it a long time ago. I enjoy the acting of Abe Hiroshi so theres that. Found the show being streamed on a Korean site so the subs are in Korean, as long as its not English its fine, trying to get backed into watching things Raw, been watching a lot of Subbed anime lately as well but a quick press of the S key takes care of that since I always get MKV files of Anime.

Not sure what made me want to get serious again, maybe its because I’m close to getting a full time job and don’t want to waste my free time on non-productive things. Been watching at least 20 hours of non Japanese stuff every week of this year. Or that everyone that asks where I went to school and what I studied and makes a weird face because being an Usher at a Performing Arts theater has almost nothing to do with Japanese, except that one time director Aaron Woolfolk filmed a movie in Japan and screened it there, had a chance to use some Japanese that night. I know I’m gonna have to be more of an asshole to keep my immersion environment. Interestingly enough getting a full-time job, or just a different job will help immensely and a certain someone knows why.

I think this time around I’ll just do what I want but in Japanese. Maybe actually beat FF7, got the whole transcript online if i need to look up words, i even found a strategy guide in Japanese. I also have to stop looking at other peoples methods and materials cause I tend to redo my setup even though what I had was perfectly fine and I was actually making good progress. Okay as Darkwing Duck says “Let’s get dangerous.”


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