Tadoku and the House of Batiatus

July 18, 2011

So it’s just a few days past the halfway point in the July Tadoku Reading Contest put on by lordsilent. I’ve already passed by previous score of 1307 and am on my way to beating my Round 1 score of 3027 (I currently have 2035 read pages). You can see what I’ve been reading mostly by looking at my score breakdown or at my profile on bookmeter. I’ve read 24 volumes of the 結界師(Kekkaishi) manga and 10 of Deadman Wonderland, the 11th Volume doesn’t come out until October (T . T). I’ve read a few pages from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and from Tokyo Tower by Ekuni Kaori, of which I also have the audiobook for the latter.

This contest I am following the unofficial Tadoku rules I’ve read on a few pages, which is don’t look anything up, skip over words you don’t know and if something bores you move on to something else. While there are words that I don’t understand here and there I understand over 75% of what I am reading so it’s not too much of a headache.

Oh and I’ve also been watching Ghost in the Shell, I still have trouble with the Japanese name for this show which is 「攻殻機動隊」こう・かく・き・どう・たい so let’s break down the Kanji:

攻- aggression

殻- husk

機- mechanism


隊- regiment

The only compound in this string of Kanji is 機動隊 – which means “riot police, and riot squad.” And the first two Kanji I suppose you just have to make sense out of it yourself, of course the first kanji 攻 has to do with attacks or some kind of offensive while 殻 – has to do with armor and protection of some sort, an outer layer. So I suppose robots are armored things that attack you. You will find similar string of Kanji in Japanese news paper where they don’t equal  compounds but you get the meaning by understanding the Kanji, and it isn’t always clear if you use On-yomi or Kun-yomi, I don’t always read Japanese news articles =P

Anyways on to the second section of this post which is about a workout called the “Spartacus Workout” which is supposedly the workout that got the cast of Spartacus: Blood and Sand all cut for the show. Of course this isn’t true but they did have the cast endorse the workout and had videos of them doing it, but they did many more things to get ready for their roles. Anyways the Men’s Health article is here. I didn’t realize how popular this workout was until I did a bit of searching. Some nice people even had a printout and an MP3 to help you through the workout at The Spartacus Workout Club site. Okay So I did this workout this morning, with a recently recovered ankle, I was pretty anxious to start working out again. This workout was a real wake-up call for my muscles, I overdid it in the first circuit, paced myself through the second and in the last circuit I pushed myself to the limit. Not everyone has a jacuzzi or pool to jump into after a workout so I am very fortunate. =]

Anyways I will do this workout every Mon, Wed, and Fri and do some cardio in between on Tues, Thurs, and Sat and finally sleep all day Sunday cause I’ll be so tired. =P

I wish much luck to all my fellow Tadokuers and workout enthusiasts!


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