Tadoku Round 3. Goals and Materials.

June 28, 2011

Unlike @BlackDragonHunt , @lordsilent hasn’t been bothering me about what materials I shall use for this upcoming 多読 but I suppose I will write some things here anyway. Just looked at how many pages I read last time, about 1307. I almost forgot it was such a low number, that won’t happen this time around. During that last round I was studying Korean and Spanish and Japanese at the same time, even playing games in Italian and even watched a couple of anime eps that had Italian subs. During this 多読 round I will focus on only Japanese materials, let me put a list together:


エンドオブイタニティ(PS3) called Resonance of Fate in English
龍が如くオブジエンド(PS3) “Like a Dragon” / Yakuza Of The End.
ファイナルファンタジーVII(PSX) Currently on Disc 2, also have the script of the game in Japanese.

「ハリー・ポッタとアズカバンの囚人」 作家:J.K.ローリング
「新五はこうして作られる」作家:窪薗晴夫 — always wanted to translate this book, will do some this time.
「東京タワーオカンとボクと、時々、オトン」 作家:リリー・フランキー — kinda wanted to translate this someday too, I’ll just read it first.
「世界の終りとハードボイルド・ワンダーランド」 作家:村上春樹 — Will parallel read in English and Japanese.

漫画 ー

13 Assassins

That’s not all the material I have and I probably won’t finish everything but I like to have a variety, keeps things interesting. My goal this time would be to beat my Round 1 score of 3027.97, at least 100 pages a day. I don’t want to put a goal but let’s say 5000 pages *gasp*, that’s a lot of Manga I have to read, I think I’ll start right at midnight when the contest begins.


One Response to “Tadoku Round 3. Goals and Materials.”

  1. takehiko Says:

    Good luck. and thank you cause i should be looking at old score.

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