All-Star Superman. How to make yourself Super.

February 18, 2011

June 13th 2011: Didn’t realize this post was set to private this whole time =P

As the title suggests I watched All-Star Superman. But why is there a picture of the drama Bartender? Cause I am watching that as I type this on my phone, which I will probably never do again because the Word Press iPhone app is so slow it makes a tortoise laugh manically. As for Superman, I watched it because I have watched all the animated movies DC and Warner Bros have  released so I thought I might as well not break the habit. Doesn’t seeing superheroes make you want to do something “super” yourself? Of course it does. After recovering from a medical setback as I’ll call it, I am back into the studying circuit and pushing myself even harder than before.

I feel I have neglected 한굴(韓国語、Korean)for far too long and it’s time to start back up with it. I took 2 semesters of it in college, I should of stuck with it but my studying habits and techniques didn’t give me enough confidence to take both Korean and Japanese at the same time. Now that I am out of school I think I am studying even more, I am glad I have the privileged of having so much time to do so (and no I am not rich, but I’m working on it.) I’m using Rosetta Stone at the moment to learn Korean, I’ll write a review about it after I do all the levels, I am sure it’ll at least help me grasp the basics (once again.) So after I do the Rosetta Stone I do some listening in Korean, which is right now two dramas that I watch, High Kick and Coffee Prince. I’ve seen Coffee Prince before but have yet to see a better Korean drama so I am watching it again. High Kick is alright, it’s a comedy about a family of nut jobs, really they’re all crazy. But it’s pretty funny and it’s good listening so it’ll do. I do have a couple of books from when I went to school, I may use them for sentences (gotta practice typing in Korean!) and put them into Anki. After that’s done I do my usual Japanese studies throughout the day. I hope I can keep this up.

I have also decided to up my English vocabulary a bit so I am playing….My Word Coach for Nintendo DS…haha. I will start to write posts more regularly and you can decide if my “Expression Potential” has gone up at all. I also play brain age every now and then, good for stimulating the Brain I have heard and so far I think it works. But what there’s more! I’ve been reading up on memory techniques and am trying to find a way to employ them in my studies, this week I have tried to apply Mnemonics for any new Japanese words I am learning and they seem to stick immediately (if the association is strong enough) instead of after seeing it in Anki a dozen or so times. I do all these things everyday and I enjoy doing all of it. Of course i don’t have much time for socializing and gaming and all that, but for now that’s okay.

So are any of you readers doing anything to make a more “super” you this year? Okay episode 1 of Bartender is done now watching Coffee Prince ep 2. Bartender seems interesting enough, I’ve seen a drama with every other 嵐 member in it (shhh秘密です) so why not.

Sorry for my random writing style, I usually write things on a whim, and I don’t do drafts, I got through school alright that way (actually I just found teachers that liked my writing style and kept taking them.) So feel free to leave a comment, I’d like to know how everyone else studies, or let me know if you want me to go into more detail about my study methods, it’ll make me think.


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