Jury Duty and Moderation.

October 7, 2010

So yes I have jury duty. I am sitting in the Jury Assembly room as we speak, and will be here for another 6 hours or so. So I thought I might as well do a blog update, maybe I’ll do a lang-8 post as well. So the post title has Jury Duty in it but I think I am done talking about that. I will be discussing a few things I have learned as far as learning techniques.

In my previous post about a month ago I said I was doing the Beachbody Insanity workout. I am still doing it, I am on the 5th week which is the recovery week. I also(recently) decided to do some calorie counting to help burn more fat. When I began the workout I found myself getting extremely sore in the shin area, I dunno what that bone is called but it always hurt in both legs. After not doing Plyometrics (jump training) for several months I shouldn’t have tried to do it like I did before. So I modified most of the plyo moves in the videos so I can do them without jumping and still feel the burn.

I also applied this to my studies a while ago. I wouldn’t have finished Remembering the Kanji vol. 1 if I tried to do 100 kanji a day. Instead I only did 10 Kanji a day, it took nearly a year but I got through it and still do my reviews everyday, I try to add about 5 from the RTK3 everyday, but if I don’t it’s okay. When I began reading some Japanese novels I realized how many RTK3 Kanji there were popping up, so I figured I should learn them. I am still taking the JLPT2 this December,I may be shooting to high for my first time but I feel very confident about the test, I already recognize double the required Kanji and I use my SRS everyday as well as plenty of Japanese immersion.

On an aside I noticed that when I study Japanese I do better on my reps when I don’t listen to Japanese music or shows while I do it. Probably because i’m not much of a passive listener, if I hear I sound I try and figure out what it says. As we speak in the Jury Assembly room I can isolate peoples conversations, or I can choose to hear the general noise that a bunch of people talking sounds like, which is pretty annoying. So while listening to Japanese music or shows I pay attention, but with English songs pretty much know already I don’t have to think about it so I can just worry about my SRS reps. I guess I could listen to classical music but until I know the songs well I’d be pretty distracted.

So in conclusion do what you can, don’t follow along with the in-shape people on the DVDs, you’ll just burn out. Don’t try to do a polyglot’s daily routine, you’ll burn out as well. Just do what you can, even if it’s just a minute, or even less. I guess I am echoing AJATT’s recent post topics, but it’s true. I use the EpicWin iPhone app to make the things I do seem rewarding, cause no one is praising me for all the exercise and studying I do, I don’t even praise myself, so this program helps a lot with that.


One Response to “Jury Duty and Moderation.”

  1. Momo Says:

    Thank you for your comment on our website! I’ve been meaning to update it, but the months just kept rolling by. Thanks for the kick in the pants I needed.

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