Reading Contest Over , what I learned.

September 2, 2010

So the reading contest started by lordsilent is over. It was called Read More or Die. Well I indeed read more than I did in the other contest, so I guess I get to stay alive. What did I learn? Pretty much what learned from the last contest, that I like to read Harry Potter books. I really regret not buying the 3rd book 「ハリー・ポッタとアズカバンの囚人」。If I did I could have easily gone over 1000 pages, after a while I was doing a chapter a day and finished the second book on the 19th or 20th. The other ~230 pages (I read 730 total really 750, I watched Akira then I saw that it was past midnight and I was like NOOOO! But that’s okay) was reading blogs, manga, watching dramas and anime with subs, I had a lot of material at my disposal. I really didn’t want to read much manga this time around though. I don’t know why, guess it’s all the eye movement, I can read a blog post faster than a page of Manga. Did I learn anything else? Yes…when you read do only that, READ. Don’t look stuff up while you read, takes the fun out of it. I’ve even read some people like to mark off pages and go back to it after some minutes and then look up the stuff they weren’t sure about. I don’t do this, I like to keep moving forward and finding new material, just keep reading and you’ll understand that word or grammar point eventually. I can’t even open up the Harry Potter books again to sentence mine, though I really want to, got the audiobooks for them and everything too… but if I have to force myself maybe I really don’t want to do it. I wish 堀北真希 would just magically appear in my room and just start talking non -stop, I’d hang on her every word, I’d be fluent in like  a week.

Today I wrote on a post-it and post-it’ed? it to my computer, which it right next to my face. It says 毎日百文章=百日万文章。100 sentences everyday equal 10,000 sentences in 100 days. Sounds good to me, I should start on this goal right away. Just looking at 10,000 on it’s own like that is daunting, even 100 sentences a day, that’s crazy. But I figure…if I can find 10 sources I really like and take 10 sentences from each everyday then that doesn’t seem so bad. I really wonder if I can do this, I better start now before I get a full-time job, which will probably be very soon. Even then I will still find a way. Maybe I should make a sentence-mining contest, the reading contest encouraged me to read more than I ever could have imagined, and I  was doing more of that then adding sentences. Now it’s time to put the focus back on sentence mining, along with my usual daily study routine..

Oh yeah, I also figured out my speaking ability has taken a dive, or maybe it was just because I was nervous. I found a language-exchange partner for a little bit. I understood pretty much everything she said, but could barely say things back. Might use some of the irish polyglots strategies for speaking, I really know more words than I give myself credit for, I just find myself looking for particular words when I should just be saying anything random thing, I do that in English =P


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