Got a lang-8 premium subscription.

May 21, 2010

Found some money, so I decided to try out the Lang-8 premium features. Also this way I will probably write more since I’m paying for it. Writing a journal for all to see isn’t as embarrassing as speaking, but it’s up there. By embarrassing I mean you writing something and being corrected, you know that feeling, like being in school again. I’m sure i’m not the only one, but in my Japanese classes in school I never looked at my tests when I got the back, just the grade and then throw it in my folder. So in order to get over that fear of always being wrong I am going to write a lang-8 journal everyday. After a bunch of people have corrected it I will choose the corrections I like and then handwrite that version into a notebook. I’ll probably do more but let’s start with that.


One Response to “Got a lang-8 premium subscription.”

  1. Lan Says:

    Well hey, you can return the embarrassment by correcting others 🙂 it’s a virtuous circle of embarrassment!

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