Can you spread yourself too thin, even within a specific subject?

March 12, 2010

I was asking myself this while studying today, I began to realize how many things I make myself do in Japanese everyday. I should applaud myself for my discipline and also slave drivery (not a word, but it will be). And I don’t really “make” myself do anything, I really want to do these things, so badly in fact that I feel very bad if I don’t do just one of these things, and I get angry at anyone and anything that deters me from these activities. I also do all this without a giant calendar, or computer reminder, it’s all in the 脳.

Schedule: After I wake up and have breakfast I do 漢字 reps, usually 10 new cards, 10 failed cards, and then finish off whatever is in the review deck at my own pace throughout the day. I also started doing some “shadowing,” if you don’t know what shadowing is there is a good explanation of it on Anderson Arguelles’ site here. I’m using the manga Bamboo Blade and pretty much copying it word for word and then looking up some words after wards I did not know. This manga is particularly good for this because there isn’t any furigana in it so when I read aloud as I write I have to recall the readings myself without the furigana crutch. I do take breaks, sometimes even naps, studying takes a lot out of you. If I feel i’m not in top form I wont study and just relax and do other things (in Japanese). Sometimes I have Keyhole TV going all day,  I highly recommend this program cause it keeps you listening all day to authentic Japanese sources. Due to the time difference though you’ll mostly get news all day long. I’ve also been reading a lot of Manga, i’m on volume 9 of 「史上最強の弟子兼一」-History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi, and I’ve just got some volumes of Get Backers so that should be fun cause I loved the アニメ. Near the end of the day I also write in a journal, in Japanese. It’s usually only a few lines, sometimes more if I have more to say. I’m also doing the sentence phase while doing RTK, have 333 sentences in my deck and I try to add 10 each day and review a few if I can.

I wrote this some time ago and have come to a realization that I am not spreading myself too thin, as long as I am having fun doing Japanese I can look at as many things as I want.


One Response to “Can you spread yourself too thin, even within a specific subject?”

  1. As long as you vary and it doesn’t feel like a drag than it’s doable (read fun). Me too, as long as I keep doing something with Japanese everyday, even if its like watching a clip on internet or playing a game, its practise 🙂
    And thanks for visiting my blog!

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