“That son of a b&%*$ is smoking”

July 30, 2009

Can you see that it's a camcorder? (Supposed to be a heatseeker)

He’s gonna be shooting something, but it doesn’t look like it’ll kill.

So a friend of mine told me to take a look at the xXx movie, starring our favorite Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast Vin Diesel. Sometimes my friend and I notice things in movies others might not have, it is a gift we have had since the days of Big Trouble in Little China; I might talk about that at a later date. Anyway as you can see by the image, this is a scene where Vin picks up a “heat seeker” missile launcher, and lo and behold it is really a camcorder, I’m sure you all have had one just like it (and by all I mean my imaginary readers.)

Just press Stop and Record and you're all set!

Just press Stop and Record and you’re all set!

At the point in this second picture, Vin tells the guy to “set” it, I don’t know much about heat seekers, but I’m pretty sure pressing “stop” and “record” won’t do any good. So why does it look like a camera? I am still not sure myself, I’m guessing they just needed something compact, and a camera had enough buttons on it to look hi-tech to they built around it, but still…

In the last image, you can see Vin adjusting the viewfinder to set up his shot, I wonder if he is supposed to see his target in infrared or something. And after it fires it goes to some guy that’s smoking, despite the fact that the entire lab is full of electronics that probably put off more heat than a cigarette.

Make sure you can see the persons face from the viewer before you fire.

Make sure you can see the persons face from the viewer before you fire.

I would have written something about the movie as a whole but I’m sure it has been done, I pretty much scanned for this one part of the movie. Besides making reviews about bad movies, and I mean bad to the point of laughing, which is the type of movies I like, should only be done if the movie is recent, because everyone, including the Diesel himself, knows that this movie was crap. I’m just getting used to this whole “blogging” thing so よろしくおねがいします!Oh yeah, I study Japanese.


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